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The Best Way to Find Interior Design Clients

The number one complaint I hear from designers is the lack of quality clients. Most designers I talk to have tried everything to find clients from creating fancy websites to postcard mailings to social media ads.

I can tell you personally that every fantastic client I have ever met was through some form of networking. Word of mouth marketing is key to a thriving business. People trust personal recomendations from friends, colleagues, neighbors, etc. and are far more likely to hire a designer based on a recomendation rather than one they've randomly found on the internet.

Here are some question you need to ask yourself to make sure your networking is productive.

  1. Who are you networking with? Tell EVERYONE you know that you are a designer. You never know when one of your friends of neighbors will be talking to someone else who is in need of a designer.

  2. Who can you partner with (real estate agents, furntiure store owners, builders, painters, etc)? What can you offer them in exchange for referrals? The best way to ensure quality, top notch referrals is to make sure you partner with who respects and values you.

  3. What places do your ideal clients frequent? Spend time in these places, making conversation and connections with potential clients. This takes knowledge of who you're looking for, confidence, and a little strategy.

I highly recommend you ask yourself these questions, write down your answers, set goals, get out there and start networking!

If you're tired of spinning your wheels and wondering why your design business isn't thriving, I've got tons more tips that I'd love to share with you in my brand new Success Studio. I'm even offering it at a discounted price ($200 off) until September 28. Reserve your spot now!

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