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Design for a Living Become and Interior Designer and Start Your Own Business
Design for a Living Interior Design online training course

If Interior Design is Your Passion

You Should Design for a Living

Turn your love of interior design into a thriving design business of your own filled with happy, paying clients who can't wait to sing your praises!

Choose from 3 individual training courses, and the Comprehensive

Certified Interior Design Professional Program

These are real life, step-by-step lessons created by successful professional interior designers who know how to make it in today's crowded market.

Starting your own interior design business

is not as hard as you think

If you want to know what it takes to run your own successful interior design business without spending thousands of dollars on a design degree, and years of making expensive mistakes on your own, then you should start here.


Download our free introductory training video and bonus eWorkbook, "The 7 Secrets to a 6 Figure Interior Design Business"to get a taste of how we can help you turn your passion for design into your own design business.

(There's no credit card needed and no pressure, I promise).

I've been where you are &

here's what I learned.

  • I spent 4 years and thousands of dollars on an interior design degree, but still didn't know how to design for a living.
  • It was frustrating at first.  I wasn't taken seriously as an interior designer because I didn't have experience.
  • I've had a passion for Interior Design for as long as I can remember. Now it's my mission to share my career lessons with other design lovers so they can LOVE their career and live their passion!
Free eBook
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Interior Designer Denise Tennant Design for a Living Student

Denise Tennant, Interior Designer

I am an interior decorator living in Pittsburgh for many years and could not get any Mentor or coach until I found "Design for a living" and Chelsea Coryell.


I flew from Pittsburgh to Seattle to meet and learn from the Best Design, Mentor, Coach and teacher in the business. A FABULOUS designer that is willing to teach and share with anyone who has the passion for design. I have done an amazing thing for myself and my business. Thank you Chelsea we have done it!

Ask A Question
About Chelsea

Helen Choi, Interior Designer, San Diego

I'm finishing up on 2 kitchen remodels and I just signed a 8000 sq/ft house and it's totally empty. I have to say thank you!  As I go to each meeting and talk to each client, EVERYTHING YOU SAID TO ME IS SO TRUE.  You are a genius!


Everything you say in your seminars and videos almost seems silly and "duh"  It sounds too easy, but it's SOOOOO Helpful!!!!

Erin Zacharda, Interior Designer, Monroe

All of the knowledge that Chelsea shares from her experience in the design world along with her tips and advice are proving to be absolutely invaluable to me.


I am so thankful that I took a leap of faith and went through this program. I learned so much and gained so much confidence and am actually getting to live my dream of being an interior decorator. Your program was worth every cent!  Thanks again for everything! I feel so blessed to have found you!!

What others are saying about Design for a Living


We do things a little different around here. We believe in working less and making more.  We think that you should love your career and look forward to waking up each and every day!  It's our mission to create a supportive and HUGELY SUCCESSFUL Design Community.
If you want to learn the Fastest, Easiest, and BEST way to build a
SUCCESSFUL Interior Design Business

Interior Design Coach Chelsea Coryell can help you start making more money and stop working so hard in your Design Business.

Not only has Chelsea been a successful interior designer for over 24 years, she's also a nationally ranked award winning design manager.

Before she started Design for a Living to help new independent designers, she was a highly sought after consultant who would travel to failing design stores and studios to boost them back into the black and train their designers and managers.​

What resulted was a following of confident designers that actually felt comfortable working with clients, and who closed more sales than they had believed possible.  All of us know what that means...  they made more money than ever.

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