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 Hey Friends! As we wrap up 2108 I'ts actually a new beginning for me. I've started writing as an advice columnist for Houzz answering business questions for Interior designers.

I'm so excited for this new opportunity and I wanted to share the good news with you!

The articles are very practical and I think you'll love them. So keep an eye out for new bi-weekly articles giving you inspiring tips and advice for your Interi...

Have you guys heard of the word Hygge? I kept seeing it everywhere and finally looked it up. First of all its pronounced "Hoo-ga". Hygge is a Danish concept and way of life that helps you not only survive winter but enjoy it! It's all about the warm cozy's and if you live in a Northern climate... you get it

Before we get too far here is a great definition:


1) The art of building sanctuary and community, of invi...

For most Interior Designers, it isn't finding interior design clients that's the problem, everyone wants to have a designers help.  It's locking down those potential clients into a working commitment that's tricky.

Over the years, I've learned that there's one simple technique I use to have them eating out of my hand EVERY time!

If you want to learn my secret to signing every design client you meet with, watch the new FRE...


If you feel like your income isn’t as bountiful as you envisioned, then you might need to do a little work on increasing your income streams. 

Think of your income streams as your fertilizer.  It’s like adding little bits of nutrients that in the end will make your business thrive.


So what exactly is an

income stream?

It’s an additional source of income that you can incorporate into your business foundation to grow your...

Last week I asked you all what scares you about starting an Interior Design

business and what are your biggest questions....

Across the board I got this questions the most often, because at the end of the day, we all want to make great money doing what we love...right??

The Question:

Can I really make 6 figures  as an Interior Designer without working my life away?

In fact, lets add....In just 20 hours a week!


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