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The 7 Secrets to

Building a 6 Figure

Interior Design Business

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Do you LOVE everything interior design?


Has anyone ever told you that you have great taste?


Do you have a knack for pulling together beautiful rooms?


Then why don't you design for a Living?

Maybe you didn't know if running your own interior design business was a realistic goal.

I bet you thought you'd have to go back to college to be taken seriously as a professional designer, (who can afford that these days?).

You probably think it's too hard to find clients who will pay you for your talent.


Of course you need a professional looking portfolio full of your past work, right?

None of this is true!

  • This is real life, real experience, real advice

  • Stop working at a job that doesn't feed your soul, and build an interior design business that gives you freedom, and let's you show off your creative talents

  • Learn the two different business models that will determine how you're going to charge your new clients

  • ONLY three things you need to get started

  • How to charge for your services

  • You need to build a team

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