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If Interior Design is Your Passion,

You Should Make it Your Career

"7 Simple Tricks to Building a 6 Figure

Interior Design Business"

Have you ever wondered exactly what it would take to start an Interior Design business?

Watch this Short Video and Download a free eBook with 7 Key Secrets to building a 6 figure

interior design business.

  • The first thing you need in order to start your own interior design business, (you probably already have it).
  • Why most interior designers are ruining their chance for success.  (If you can eliminate this one common mistake, you'll be MILES ahead of your competition!)

  • The answers to the biggest questions I get about being an Interior Designer…"Can I honestly make a living as a Designer?"

"Chelsea has literally changed my life. She has given me the tools and renewed passion to grow my business and create a unique, personalized experience for my clients as well as myself.   Thank you Chelsea, you are the best!"
Carolyn Tracy, Interior Designer Chicago, IL

"I started coaching with Chelsea when I was just finishing my design degree from FIDM.  I thought I knew everything I needed to know about being an interior designer.  Boy was I wrong!

Chelsea taught me how to work with my clients and manage my projects, (something I didn't learn in design school) so I could make my clients happier and sell more of my designs.

I now have a hugely successful Interior Design firm in Southern CA and I owe it all to Chelsea and her teaching."

Interior Designer Paula Zarzosa

Owner Belle Living Interiors

Meet Chelsea Coryell, Interior Design Business Coach and Mentor;


Not only has Chelsea been a successful interior designer for over 25 years, she's also a nationally ranked award winning design manager.  


Before she started Design for a Living to help new independent designers, she was a highly sought after consultant who would travel to failing design stores and studios to train their designers and managers.

What resulted was a following of confident designers that actually felt comfortable working with clients, and who closed more sales than they had believed possible.  All of us know what that means...  they made more money than ever.

Chelsea Coryell

Ready to become the #1 Interior Designer

in Your Neighborhood?


Get the insider secrets that have helped hundreds of Interior Designers
land major design clients and build a thriving business filled with happy paying clients.

Download your free guide and training video now!

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