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Learn, Grow, and Connect with Interior Designers Who Want to Build a Better Interior Design Business

If you've ever wondered why some people succeed and others fail at starting their own design business, or what it takes to finally get to the top, you MUST LEARN these secrets from SUCCESSFUL Interior Designers.

The NEW Interior Designer Connection

is a weekly group webinar where you'll learn how to Build a Better Interior Design Business


Hosted by Chelsea Coryell, a 6 figure Interior Designer and award winning Interior design coach, known for her honest and simple strategies for building a design business filled with happy paying Clients.

Interior Design Success is Simple if You Know How to Build a Solid Foundation:

The Designer Connection is the Answer


Do you have specific questions that you'd like us to answer?


Like how do you find great clients and how do you get them to trust you with their home?


What do you really need to start your own design business?

Tools for Success

We've done the hard work for you.  You'll learn techniques and strategies that have been tested and used by SUCCESSFUL Designers.


No more expensive mistakes and sleepless nights wondering if there's a better way.

Learning Sessions

This isn't a chat room or social hour. 


Our weekly sessions are all about growing your interior design business and mastering skills and lessons to build a BETTER interior design business of your own.



It's a fact that masterminding as a group, greatly increases your level of success.


You'll learn from experienced and proven designers, and be able to interact with other designers who have the same questions and struggles that you do.  Together we will learn and grow as team.


"Chelsea has the ability to motivate and encourage despite your own insecurities.  She is a person that has an amazing amount of knowledge and experience.  Her coaching and motivation style are very personalized and down-to-earth.  


I am confident that my design business is built on a solid foundation of knowledge, consistency, and vision thanks to Chelsea."


Interior Designer Timothy Rivers

San Diego, CA

"I wish I knew back then, who I had in front of me.  I would have listened to everything you said, and then write it down so I wouldn't forget.


I am the designer that I am today because of your mentorship and your training.  I owe everything to you Chelsea."


Paula Zarzosa

Belle Living Interiors

Murrieta, CA

All of the knowledge that Chelsea shares from her experience in the design world along with her tips and advice are proving to be absolutely invaluable to me.  


I am so thankful that I took a leap of faith and went through this program. I learned so much and gained so much confidence and am actually getting to live my dream of being an interior decorator.


Erin Zacharda

Interior Designer

About Chelsea

Every week you'll be joining Chelsea Coryell:

Not only has Chelsea been a successful designer for over 24 years, she's also a nationally ranked award winning design manager and highly sought after training consultant, and CEO of Design for a Living.



Her true passion has been working with and coaching independent interior designers all over the world through her public speaking engagements and her online training programs.


She's lead large group events, as well as doing one-on-one mentoring with individual designers and decorators. Some of her proteges have even gone on to work for celebrities and huge international design firms.


Chelsea is known for her straight forward approach and her "real life" proven strategies while working with interior designers of all experience levels.  She's dedicated to connecting interior designers who want to learn a better way to design, then train and coach them to success.

Start Building A Better Interior Design Business

What are you waiting for?  Join the Designer Connection and learn to Design for a Living.


Here's what you'll get when you connect:


  • Join our weekly online group training webinars, hosted by Chelsea Coryell and learn proven strategies and techniques for working smarter not harder while building your interior design empire.

  • Send in your specific questions that you'd like answered, and learn from a seasoned professional the BEST way to solve your problem.

  • Connect with other designers of ALL experience levels, who share the same build a strong and successful interior design business.  You'll be invited to join a private Facebook group designed just for our members.

  • As soon as you've learned everything you need to grow your amazing business, and you're earning as much money as you could possibly want, you may cancel your membership, no questions asked.

  • Engage in a info packed hour of learning and growing together with bonus downloads, suprise guests, and engaging current discussions that affect our industry.

So what is all of this life changing information and fantastic support going to cost you? 

Yep, that's right!

As we said, we believe in honesty, so I'll let you know now that it's an introductory price, but we're so confident that you're going to LOVE every Designer Connection session, that you won't want to leave...Ever!


After your first month of joining our group, you'll be charged $47 a month (still an amazing deal!) for as long as you'd like to continue your training and group discussions.

Again...What are you waiting for?  It's only a buck, and it could potentially allow you to live your dream, and Design for a Living!

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