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You're About to Learn

"7 Simple Tricks to Building a 6 Figure

Interior Design Business"


But before you go watch it, take a look at this...

If you dream of making a career out of designing but haven't quite figured out how to line up all the moving parts and build a successful, profitable business, making a difference doing what you love...
Get ready for a special workbook specifically designed for you
Working with new designer in her first design project

This workbook was created to get you on the right path to designing your own interior design business exactly the way you dreamed it would be.

I'm going to help you make some pretty important decisions first, and then I've laid out all of the details you'll need to get in order, step-by-step, before you take your very first client.

Starting your amazing design business is actually very simple, but it takes one thing...  You need to START!

WOW, first off your online courses are amazing. They are so helpful and useful! I am learning a lot! From your first session alone, I got my heart rate going, mind going off, excitement going, and so much more!

My fear has been subsiding and filling it with excitement and confidence! THANK YOU SO MUCH Chelsea!!

                                          Helen Choi, Interior Designer San Diego, CA

"My Design mentor!! She is the Best Mentor anyone wanting to be a designer could ever have."


-Denise Tennant, CID

If you simply become aware of just a few SIMPLE key foundational steps, it can save you YEARS of struggle!

(And even more important, save you from giving up on your dream!)

Sketch of Interior Designer Tools, fabric samples, paint swatches, and vendor catalogs

Here's What You're Going to Learn:

  • Do you know the different types of interior designers and which ones right for you?  I'm going to share a simple exercise to help you decide.

  • Why so many interior designers spin their wheels getting nowhere with their biz...and what YOU should do the to set yourself up for a smooth and successful design project.

  • How are you going to actually make money as a designer?  Don't worry, we're going to show you how.

Are You Ready?
Learn to Design for a Living Now!

Dear Creative and Motivated Entrepreneur With a Passion for Design,​

"I've taken 25 years of design knowledge, and put everything I've learned into an easy to follow, step-by-step plan that will allow anyone with basic design style and taste, to QUICK START their career, and live the same life that I've had the amazing privilege of living."

If I Only Knew Then,  What I Know Now!

After four years in college training to be a high-end designer I was convinced that I should work for a huge architectural firm. I was taught that only the truly rich hired designers, and if I wanted to work in residential design, I could design only extremely high-end residences that felt more like museums than homes.

Well that's just not me.


Once I started working in the real world, I discovered that my impression of being a designer was completely wrong.  Designing doesn't need to be so complicated.  There is a huge world of design that is becoming accessible to everyone.  It doesn't have to be stuffy and cold, it can be fun and rewarding for everyone.


​I realized that what I really love is working in the residential field directly with homeowners.  I get to know their families and learn about their lives, in order to create the most perfect home to fit THEIR dreams of what the ideal home looks like.  In short, I get to make hundreds of people happy, and earn more money than I ever thought possible by doing it "My Way".

The I Design for a Living Workbook will show you step-by-step, how to start making money this week doing what you love, Designing!

Yes Chelsea,  I'm ready to invest in myself and start making a living doing what I love, Designing!​​

One Simple Payment of $7
(See I told you it was a great deal.)
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