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Get Your 7 Step Action Plan for a 6 Figure Interior Design Business

Your Host:

Interior Design Business Success Coach and Award Winning Trainer, Chelsea Coryell

In this Video Training, You'll Discover:

  • The first three things you need in order to start your own interior design business, (you probably already have on of them right now).
  • Why most interior designers are ruining their chance for success before they even start designing a room.  (If you can eliminate this one common mistake, you'll be MILES ahead of your competition!)

  • How to protect yourself and your new business from clients who might take advantage of you. We want you to keep every hard earned penny.

  • The answers to the biggest questions I get about being an Interior Designer…like what to do if you haven't gone to design school, how to get started, and how to know if you’re ready for your first design client?

"Chelsea has literally changed my life. She has given me the tools and renewed passion to grow my business and create a unique, personalized experience for my clients as well as myself. Her enthusiasm is contagious and she will continually work with you, one on one, to create a business platform and mindset that is prosperous and fun!


Thank you Chelsea, you are the best!"


Carolyn Tracy, Interior Designer Chicago, IL

WOW, first off your online courses are amazing. They are so helpful and useful! I am learning a lot! From your first session alone, I got my heart rate going, mind going off (I had to rewind a lot cause my creativity kept wandering off -- which btw is so awesome you have this replay), excitement going, and so much more! And then you mentioned to take these as signs in your other session. I DEFINITELY took it as a sign! 

My fear has been subsiding and filling it with excitement and confidence! THANK YOU SO MUCH Chelsea!!

                                                           Helen Choi, Interior Designer San Diego, CA

Meet Chelsea Coryell, Interior Design Business Coach and Mentor;


Not only has Chelsea been a successful interior designer for over 24 years, she's also a nationally ranked award winning design manager.  


Before she started Design for a Living to help new independent designers, she was a highly sought after consultant who would travel to failing design stores and studios to boost them back into the black and train their designers and managers.

What resulted was a following of confident designers that actually felt comfortable working with clients, and who closed more sales than they had believed possible.  All of us know what that means...  they made more money than ever.

Chelsea Coryell

Ready to become the #1 Interior Designer in Your Neighborhood?


Get the insider secrets that have helped hundreds of Interior Designers
land major design clients and build a thriving business filled with happy paying clients.

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