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Get a Peek Behind the Brilliance

Here’s a sneak peak of an actual install that I recently completed with Interior Designer Erin Zacharda. Erin was a part of my first Virtual Bootcamp and then we worked together as part of my Cashmere Coaching Program. She’s accomplished such great things in such a short amount of time, as you’ll see from the surprise video at the end of this post.

Designer Chelsea Coryell working on a remodel

Our client came to us through a referral and had been working with a contractor to remodel the upstairs of her 1950’s Seattle home.

They already had a basic plan for the space and were working on the kitchen design when she realized that designing a home is much harder than she’d expected, (we knew that right?) and should call in a professional. That’s where Erin and I come in



Here you can see the mid project progress. We still have a long way to go (and about 2 months of living without a kitchen!)


***This is a Fantastic Teaching Tool!***

This shot is of the living room on the day of the install as the delivery team was bringing in our furniture. As you know, I always teach to my designers that you should install as much as possible all in one big installation day.

Here's why:

The sofa and the dining table had arrived at the receiving house a month before the construction completion date. Yes, we could have given her a sofa to sit on in the mean time but do you really think she would have been as excited to come home to this? She just trusted us with $20,000 worth of custom furniture. This could have freaked her out and made her question everything else we suggested.

Take a look at the actual after pictures and then the video of her walking in to her beautiful "finished" living room for the first time and then you can decide which way is better.


WOW, right?

Wait until you see the kitchen! That's my next post so stay tuned.

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