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Hi Chelsea,

I just listened to session 1, and it was great. I really like your style - you seem very real, like I already know you!

I am probably a little farther ahead than most of your students - I have been working at an Interior Design firm for almost 9 years (I have no design degree). In my previous career, I was in fashion retail merchandising/mgmt. I started going out on my own 2 years ago with what I now know is a "Consult" Business.

So, I am really looking for advanced information, especially around being more product driven and building multiple income streams. I'm just curious about how the rest of the program will go?


Hello Anne,

My number one priority is to make people happy. At the end of the day, I know that the best part of our job is to help someone else love their home, and that gives me such peace of mind which is priceless. Secondly, even if you've been working at a design firm for a while, I promise you the way that I do business is different. Unlike most designers and design firms, my program isn't based on the way things have always been done.

We work in a field that's been the same for centuries, and I think it's time for change. I make sure that the way I work is it constantly changing to adapt to our fluctuating economy and the fast pace of technology.

My absolute main goal has always been to work smarter not harder because honestly, I like my play time way too much to waste time driving all over town searching for the PERFECT damask fabric. Everything that I teach is based on years of experience from myself and other successful designers who have figured out exactly how to increase their income without working any harder. I take short-cuts wherever I can to facilitate the lifestyle that I've chosen to live.

I don't want to own a firm, I never want to work retail hours again, and I surely don't want to work for anyone else. Because of this, I keep my profit = time/stress expenditure in my top three priorities. I've made over 6 figures following my own advice, so I know that it works. Number 3 is to live the lifestyle that I want and on my terms. What I mean by this is; I believe that my clients are like my friends and I treat my team like family.

I pride myself on working with the utmost integrity and loyalty. You'll learn that by creating this environment for yourself and others around you, prosperity with naturally flow into your life. I'm very curious to hear your thoughts on what I teach compared to the design business that you're exposed to now. Of course if after a few more session you still feel like you're not learning anything new then yes, just let me know and I'll refund your fee.

Your questions have sparked a little passion in me today and I love it. I think I'm going to write an article about this topic so thanks and keep the questions coming! Happy Designing!

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