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Dear Chelsea,

I found your site in the web and I was so excited because I have been looking for such a long time in the internet for tutorials how to start with your own business on interior design.

Finally I found you.

You are so optimistic and I like you as person because you are so natural and open-minded. I appreciate so much that you share you experiences with others because many designers do not want to tell you anything because they are afraid of concurrence.

I have started some time ago with Feng Shui for private interest first and then I found finally my passion. So no I am mixing Feng Shui with interior design. I started to do some little projects for my friends. I like to decorate and for me it is a passion to touch the fabrics to see the colors and to find combinations which match best. I get often remarks from friends when they come to our house like:

- You have so good ideas

- You know how to compose the colors

- I like your atmosphere

So I quit my job in the watch industry to start my own business in interior design with Feng Shui.

Now my problem is that sometimes I would like to know more about:

- "how to display furniture to get a good atmosphere",

- How to display things in the right proportion and symmetry to get a harmony

- What is important when doing a photo wall?

- What is the secret of the curtains and carpets (influence in the rooms, etc.)

This is basic stuff but I lack a little bit of the basics and that's why I am asking you if you could recommend me some books where I could learn all this basic stuff a decorator has to know? As I have 3 small kids and my husband is a lot traveling for his job I do not have the time for going in a school to learn all this basic stuff.

I am a self-didactic person and I like to learn very much from books. So I would so appreciate if you could send me some suggestions.

I am sure that with your suggestions of good book (to have a solid base as interior decorator) and the Virtual Boot Camp which I want to order my adventure to work on my own can start. I am so excited and I am really looking forward hearing from you Chelsea.

I wish you a wonderful week and kind regards from Switzerland,



I love your enthusiasm and that you've found my advice inspirational. I also think it's great that you've chosen a specific niche to focus your business around. I have a few more ideas to add to that, but we'll get into that later.

With regards to design technique books I'm a little stumped. Most text books from design school become obsolete so quickly and they're expensive so I wouldn't go down that road. I've read so many over the years that I can't think of just one to suggest. I was doing a little research last night for you and here's what I found.

This link seems promising and is very current.

Make sure you read the descriptions and only choose those books that teach principles and concepts, not just a collection of pretty pictures. I especially liked the Scrapbook for Living by Bunny Williams. Best Interior Design Books

I also like the books written by the hottest design bloggers like Domino, Design Sponge, and Apartment Therapy.

They are always on the cutting edge and let's face it, they speak to the masses. They're designed to appeal to the basic home owner so things are very simplified and easy to grasp. (Always welcome if you ask me.)

Finally, I have always loved anything from the Better Homes and Gardens publications. They have practical advice and real life examples. They understand that most of us aren't designing for some million dollar loft in New York. They have a large selection of basic design principle books and I usually buy them anytime I see them on sale.

Like I say in my videos, I never seem to get tired of looking at furniture or beautiful design. Crazy!

Happy Designing,


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