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Every Room Deserves an Interior Designers Touch

When you think of successful interior designers, you imagine them designing elegant formal living rooms or grand formal dining rooms. That might be the most common reason that a design client originally seeks out the help of a professional designer, but when you’re talking about what makes a designer SUCCESSFUL, those rooms are just the beginning.

Everyone who sells for a living (and yes, the best designers have mastered the art of selling.) knows that the best way to increase your income is to find ways to sell MORE to the clients that you’ve already found. That means you should start thinking about the other rooms in the home that could use a designers touch.

I've actually had a lot of fun designing mud rooms and laundry rooms for my clients. Think about it. We spend more time in those rooms and we're usually not having fun. So why not encourage your clients to brighten the space up a bit. Or at the very least, improve it's functionality so you can spend less time cleaning, and more time enjoying the rest of your home.

I found these great mud-room, laundry, and utility rooms in Traditional Home Magazine and from Joss and Main.

I love finding hidden storage space in the unexpected areas of your house. It forces me stretch my creative muscle a bit, and actually makes me feel "clever".

Clean, classic, and casual. Even the sneakers match this beautiful built-in storage spot.

Form and function coexist as well as these furry friends.

I love the combination of mud room/ laundry room here. The kids can sit down to peel off their muddy soccer socks and throw them right in the wash.

These built ins have been there for years, but this look would be simple to copy.

I LOVE these drawers. I dream of organization like this.

Don't forget to design a spot for the other member of your family. What a great use for this little nook.

I received this ad in my email from Joss and Mail today and it inspired me to write on this topic. Have you ever designed a mud room or cool laundry room? I'd love to hear about it.

Share your stories with the group.


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