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You Deserve to be Treated Like the Professional Interior Designer That You Are!

Remodeled Kitchen by Interior Designer Chelsea Coryell

Do you ever get the feeling that most people expect you to give them design advice for free? Why did they call an interior designer in the first place?

You wouldn't call a plumber out to your house to give you "ideas" on how to unclog your drain and not expect to pay them for their services. So why do people have an interior designer (sometimes multiple designers) out to see their house, and then "I'll talk it over with my husband and get back to you"?

It can be incredibly frustrating as a professional to go on house call, after house call, getting your hopes up and counting on the income, only to have your ego crushed when they don't call you back.

Now, what if you could be certain that every house call you went on would end in a signed contract and a fat deposit check in your hand? This isn't a trick or an exaggerated promise. This is a fool-proof technique that I developed with the help of other experienced "old school" designers to help our struggling designers close more deals.

It all started when I was a trainer and design manager at an interior design studio in Temecula CA. I was responsible for the success of my design team. They were a group of about 8 designers, all different ages, backgrounds, and with different experience levels. If they weren't successful, then I wasn't successful.

So I got together with two of our corporate trainers, and together we created "the Chat". It's a simple conversation that you have with your new client at the end of that first house call, to get them to understand your process, and to take you seriously. This Chat works so well, that I've never left a house call without a real commitment from my new client, and every designer that uses this powerful technique has the exact same results.

Want to know how it goes? Just click here and you can watch a brand new 3 part video series where I walk you through every detail. Then I want to hear from you. How did it work? Pretty amazing right? You'll never have to worry again about clients blowing you off. Here ya go, it's my gift to you...

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