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How to Trick Your Clients Into the Latest Interior Design Trend

What's the hottest thing in interior design these days? Color, color, color. For the past 5 years designers have been focused on neutral, clean designs and let's face it, we're all a little tired of greige, and white on white.

So what's the logical next trend to hit the design magazine stand? Bright vibrant color! It's just what the designer ordered.

That doesn't mean that your design clients are ready to jump on the latest trend in interior design. Let's face it, not everyone is willing to commit the next 10 years to a red sofa or green carpet (thank goodness).

There are a number of ways to add wonderful vibrant colors to your designs without having to talk them into a major commitment. After all you don't want all of your design portfolio pictures to be the same old boring colors of the past 10 years.

These pictures will give you some ideas and inspiration on just how easy it is brighten up your clients home.

Just remember to be gentle and understanding. Explain that new things can be scary, and you'll take care to only include bold color into your easy to switch areas.

Even if it's just adding a few pops of colors in your accessories, the cheerful splash will make a huge impact on the room. It's also a great excuse to up-sell your designs.

Teach your clients how important it is to add accessories to a whole room design, and then wow them with beautiful color. They'll love it in the end!

This designer kept the basic pieces of their design in neutral colors, but can point out the variance of colors in the stone back-splash. This way if and when they get tired of the yellow, they can throw in some blue, dark grey, or a pop of turquoise!

Look how easy it would be to switch out the kitchen rug. They could even paint the dining room chairs next year. There are some amazing paints for plastic on the market these days.

At the end of the day, your design clients have hired you to create the BEST design that you can. You should always design for your clients first, and if they hate color then of course you need to back off and give them what you want. But if your clients are merely afraid of color (like most design clients are), then by all means, trick away. Just be kind and don't present anything that can't be easily changed

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