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Share Your Interior Design Gift with a Designer Wreath for Your Design Clients

The holidays are the perfect time to impress your interior design clients with your generosity and brilliant design style. You can give them a beautiful store bought wreath, or save money by making it yourself. You've got the designer talent, so why not share your gift.

Scroll down to see some easy to copy, yet designer worthy wreaths.

These beautiful wreath ideas were on the Better Homes and Gardens website. I always go there first for my design inspiration.

Want a unique way to show off your crafting skills and create a Scandinavian look? hot glue almonds and little berry ornaments around a moss covered wreath.

If you don't have much to spend on your holiday wreath, the perfect supplies might be right in your own back yard.

Simple pine cones dusted with flocking paint, and red bells glued into a circle and you have yourself a beautiful gift.

Are you a modern interior designer? Then present a suave, silver masterpiece.

This gorgeous wreath started with simple greenery, and came to life with the addition of cut out gold flowers.

Don't live near a forest? Cover a Styrofoam ring with colorful felt and Voile!

Why not combine a trendy chalk board with a simple wreath?

I loved the details of this wreath with the hombre color scheme and the varied ornaments. Absolutely stunning!

What a classic. Red cardinals and white pine cones, simple and beautiful.

You're a designer so think outside the box, or inside the box in this case.

This wreath would look great all year long. Why not make a unique, one of a kind natural beauty to show off your designer talent.

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