How to Use a Design Trend to Make Your Interior Design Business Trendy

Those of us who are addicted to Interior Design are constantly on the lookout for the latest design trend. We can't seem to help ourselves. I still get excited when Pantone announces the color of the year. Why not use your vast designer knowledge, to make your interior design business the latest trend in town?

This month the hottest color around is GREEN! Every design magazine I pick up seems to be filled with interior designers using this natural color on everything from throw pillows to kitchen cabinets.

As an interior designer myself, I make a point to not only use popular colors in my designs, but I let my clients know how I'm staying on top of style and fashion to keep their home up to date and brag worthy.

It's not about caving into the latest fads, it's about building credibility with your clients and giving them more confidence in your work.

The other great way to use trends to build your business is to promote the trend, (like I'm doing right now). Blog about what's hot, tweet when you find a great trendy piece out shopping, or better yet, post a picture on Instagram.

Chances are your future client is searching for what's hot in interior design weeks before they realize their out of their league and they should hire a designer to help.

Let's be honest, it takes a professional interior designer to correctly turn a design trend into a classic living space that will stand the test of time.

The best advice I could ever give a new designer is to get out there and get involved in the world of interior design. Do your homework, shop every chance you get, and meet the people who are setting the trends in the design industry. You just never know where your next design client will come from.

* We found all of these beautiful green rooms on the Elle Decor website. I love their magazine and I use if for inspiration all the time.

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