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Interior Dsigner Chelsea Coryell and Fall Leaves

I love fall! It’s the season of fresh crisp air, cozy sweaters, and PUMPKINS!!!

Not to mention boot season…

boots and leggings, my absolute favorite comfy, go-to uniform of Fall!

The holidays are also approaching, which means that a lot of folks are getting anxious to make their homes beautiful.

Think holiday parties and posing for the annual Christmas card photo.

They're ready to finish their home to-do list after putting it off all Summer during camping/boating season.

So clearly speaking, it’s prime time for us as Interior Designers to hustle up some work!

I always encourage people to talk about it everywhere they go. At the coffee shops, restaurants, the grocery store, the gym etc.

If you talk about it enough, eventually you will cross paths with someone who desperately needs your amazing talent!

You can really get creative with your marketing and make it fun! You could place brochures at homes in nice developments or connect with Realtors in your area.

Another way to get design jobs is connecting with local Independent furniture stores that do not offer design services.

Get out there and talk with them!

You never know...

They may be interested in sending clients your way, as well as cut you a commission for selling their furniture in your designs.

I sincerely believe that if you have a positive attitude and go after the hustle, expecting the results that you want…. You'll get them.

Happy Fall and Happy Designing!

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