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Kick off your New Year with a New Interior Design Business!

When I was little I wanted to dance on Broadway. Then as I grew up a bit, I wanted to save the whales. In college I dreamed of teaching physics. (I know, right?)

Then something amazing happened...I took an drawing class and I loved it! It didn’t hurt that the professor actually said I had talent. Who woulda thunk?

So I had a choice to make. Even though I loved science and teaching, would I really be HAPPY sitting in a science lab or in front of a group of high school kids teaching the exact same thing everyday, every year, for the rest of my life?

new year interior design business goals and success plans

Let’s face it, no one dreams of sitting in a cubicle, performing the same old mundane tasks day after day. However EVERYONE dreams of having a career that earns enough money to live a comfortable life, which means that sometimes practicality beats outs happiness.

What if you didn’t have to choose?

What if you could make great money AND have an exciting, challenging, and soul satisfying job?

I was lucky and I stumbled into this amazing world of interior design, (and if you’ve ever read how I started my interior design degree then you know what I’m talking about.) and I found I could create art that also paid well.

I’ve never looked back.

So now you’re thinking, “great Chelsea, you discovered your calling when you were 20 years old. I’m past that point and I feel like I’ve wasted years not living my dream life. Now what?”

Don’t worry, I know for a fact that it’s NEVER too late to go after your dreams. You just need to work smarter not harder.

One thing I learned in all of my training is speed costs money. You don’t have the luxury of wasting time learning from your own mistakes so you need to work with professionals who can speed up your learning curve.

When I decided to turn my focus on teaching others how to start their own interior design business with the same success that I’ve had, I hired a coach.

Of course I didn’t know how to create a website or set-up a webinar, but I sure as heck didn’t know the first thing about recreating what I had naturally been doing in my design business for years, into a step-by-step program so that others could follow along and have the same results.

I wasn’t a spring chicken anymore and I didn’t want to waste any time.

Luckily someone told me that you can “build the airplane as you fly it” which meant that I didn’t have to wait. I could just go for it!

You can do the same thing with interior design. If you know that you love it and that designing beautiful homes that enrich people's lives would make your life amazing, then what are you waiting for?

When you’ve finally decided to make a change, do something new, or take a risk. The best thing you can do is jump right in!

Your adrenaline and motivation will never be higher, and that’s when we get the most accomplished. (Think of every diet you’ve started and how at first you bought cute new workout clothes, joined a gym, and filled your fridge with healthy options).

The key to success is to start with a solid plan, listen and learn from those who’ve walked in the same shoes you’d like to own, and then believe in yourself.

I’ve created a quick video and free eBook that outlines the 5 most important traits that any successful interior designer must have. If you’re curious whether or not you have what it takes to make it as an interior designer, then check it out. Maybe it will give you the confidence you need to make the leap into a happy career as an interior designer.

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